Firm Successfully Negotiates a Settlement Agreement on Behalf of Three Former Employees of Thomson Reuters (Healthcare) Inc. Over Enforcement of Restrictive Covenants

The Firm successfully defended a lawsuit that Thomson Reuters (Healthcare) Inc. instituted against three of its former employees seeking, among other things, a declaratory judgment that (i) the three former employees violated certain non-solicitation covenants contained in their employment agreements with Thomson and (ii) the non-solicitation covenants were enforceable. If Thomson succeeded, it could have prevented the three defendants from both working for their new employer, Remedy Analytics, and soliciting clients on behalf of Remedy Analytics. Efforts to demonstrate to Thomson that it should not proceed with the lawsuit after it filed its complaint ultimately proved successful. As a result, Thomson reached a settlement agreement with the defendants and Remedy Analytics (which was not named in the lawsuit). The settlement agreement allows the employees at issue to continue to work for Remedy Analytics and allows them and Remedy Analytics to continue to service Remedy Analytics’ current customers, as well as solicit prospective customers with the exception of a handful of Thomson’s current clients. Thomson Reuters (Healthcare) Inc. v. Caldwell et al., 12-CV-149 (U.S.D.C. E.D. Wis.).