Firm Serving on Court Appointed Executive Committee in Antitrust Action Against Salmon Producers

The Firm represents direct purchasers of farm raised Atlantic salmon in an antitrust action pending in the Southern District of Florida (Miami) alleging that, beginning as early as 2015, several salmon producers conspired to artificially fix and raise the price for farm raised Atlantic salmon sold in the United States. The case stems from investigations and raids in Europe of Norwegian-owned companies farming Atlantic salmon over serious concerns about potential cartel activity. In early 2019, Europe's competition watchdog said that it had raided several companies as part of an investigation into suspected violations of rules prohibiting cartels and other restrictive business practices.

The complaint alleges that the structure and characteristics of the market for farm raised Atlantic salmon support the existence of a conspiracy in that the barriers to new entry are high, farm raised salmon is a commodity product where prices are correlated across the globe, Norwegian producers dominate the production of salmon and the defendants are the largest salmon producers worldwide, and industry connection and trade associations facilitated the defendants’ collusion.

The case is In Re Farm-Raised Salmon and Salmon Products Litigation (Docket No. 1:19-cv-21551).